RIO Restaurant's Frequently Asked Questions

SL. No. Questions Answers
1 What are your contact details
Phone: (02) 9055 6947
Instagram: @rio_brazilian_restaurant

2 What is Rio Restaurant address Level 1 at 29 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150
3 What type of venue is RIO RIO is an all you can eat Buffet Restaurant
4 What type of cuisine does RIO serve We serve a diverse range of culinary delights with a focus on a multi-national buffet complemented by Brazilian skewers
5 What are the main foods you serve Brazilian Skewers along with Indian, Asian & Continental dishes
6 How many Brazilian skewers are served We serve a selection of Brazilian skewers, including chicken, lamb, beef, pork, pineapple, and sausages
7 What are the desserts in the buffet Our dessert buffet features a rotating selection of sweet treats, including cakes, puddings, and ice cream, ensuring a delightful variety every day
8 Is Rio a Self Serve restaurant or Table service Rio primarily operates as a self-service restaurant, although our BBQ skewers are served directly to the table
9 How can we make a booking To ensure precision, we encourage guests to make bookings through our website using the Booking Form. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at (02) 9055 6947
10 What is the link to make a Booking To make a booking, please visit our website at
11 What is Lunch / Brunch timings Lunch is exclusively offered on Saturdays and Sundays, from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
12 What are Dinner timings Dinner is served Wednesday through Sunday, with operating hours from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
13 What menus are available for Lunch During lunch service, guests can enjoy our Multi Cuisine Buffet, featuring a variety of culinary delights. Please be advised that Brazilian Skewers are not served during lunch
14 What menus are available for Dinner For dinner, we offer a Multi Cuisine Buffet along with Brazilian Skewers served directly to your table
15 What are the lunch prices for adults and kids Adults can enjoy lunch for $29 per person, while children aged 4 to 10 years are offered at a reduced rate of $22. Please note that full pricing applies to individuals above 10 years old
16 What are the dinner prices Wednesday dinner is priced at $32
Thursday and Sunday dinner is priced at $42
Friday and Saturday dinner is priced at $52
17 What are different kids prices
And what age kids are free
Children aged up to 4 years dine for free
For children aged 4 years and above, the price is $22
Full price applies to children above 10 years old
18 Does the Price per person includes alcohol and entertainment The price per person covers the cost of food and entertainment. Please note that drinks are not included in this price
19 What menus are available for mid week dinner For midweek dinner, we exclusively offer our Multi Cuisine Buffet & Brazilian skewers
20 What menus are available after 10pm Our buffet service is available until 10 pm. After 10 pm, we offer a mixed platter option
21 Till what time is the kitchen kept open The kitchen remains open until 10:30 pm
22 Till what time dinner is available The last dinner booking is accepted until 10 pm, with the buffet service concluding at 10:30 pm
23 Can customer stay till late on weekends Of course, Guests have the option to stay until midnight 12 Am on weekends for an extended dining experience
24 Do you offer Takeaway & Delivery Regrettably, we do not provide takeaway or home delivery services at this time
25 Is RIO a Halal Restaurant At RIO, we take pride in our commitment to sourcing Halal meat from certified butcheries. While we may not hold a 100% Halal certification, we ensure that our lamb, beef, and chicken meet the Halal standards, providing our customers with confidence in the quality and authenticity of our offerings
26 How many Soft drinks packages are available We offer two soft drink packages:
1. Basic Soft Drink Package: $10 per person for a duration of 3 hours
2. Unlimited Juice & Soft Drink Package: $15 per person for a duration of 4 hours
27 What all soft drinks do you serve We offer a selection of soft drinks including Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Lemon Squash, and Diet/Zero, alongside a range of juices such as Apple, Orange, Pineapple, and Cranberry
28 Is it safe for Muslim customers We adhere to the dietary restrictions and cultural sensitivities of our Muslim clientele by refraining from serving pork or non-Halal items, such as Pork Belly and Sausage, upon their advance notification during the booking process
29 Do you use wine for cooking We do not include wine in any of our cooking recipes
30 Do u have parking or Where is parking available Regrettably, we do not offer parking facilities on-site. However, many customers opt to utilize public car parking stations in close proximity. For additional information on parking options, please refer to
31 Is there a Ramp for differently handicapped Unfortunately, we do not have a ramp available for differently abled individuals
32 Is there a lift accessible Unfortunately, we do not have a lift accessible on our premises. Access to our facilities involves the use of stairs
33 Is there a disabled toilet Unfortunately, we do not have a disabled toilet facility on our premises. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause
34 How much deposit is needed The deposit required varies based on group size: $50 for groups under 15 people, $100 for groups between 16 and 40 people, and $200 for groups exceeding 40 individuals
35 What is the reason asking deposit when booking The purpose of requesting a deposit during booking is to mitigate the occurrence of no-shows and minimize the risk of seat vacancies and food wastage
36 What are the types of payments for deposit We offer various methods for deposit payment:
1. Online fund transfer
2. Credit card payment at the restaurant
3. Payment by card or cash at the restaurant
37 Timings to pay deposits Deposits can be paid during our operational hours from 9 am to 11 pm, or conveniently anytime via internet transfer
38 What is the surcharge for plastic cards A Card Service Fee of 1% is applicable to transactions exceeding $100
39 Does Rio take Amex Card, Diners Club Card Yes, Rio accepts American Express and Diners Club cards, exclusively for in-person transactions conducted at the restaurant
40 Do you have Refund Policy As per our Refund Policy, refunds for deposits are provided if cancellations are notified at least 4 hours before the scheduled booking time
41 Can customer spilt bills and pay individually Absolutely, we offer the convenience of splitting bills, enabling customers to pay individually as per their preference
42 What time food bill needs to be paid The food bill must be paid before guests begin enjoying the buffet
43 Cut off time for final numbers of guests The deadline for providing the final number of guests is 4 pm on the day of the booking
44 What is maximum seating capacity of the venue Our restaurant comfortably accommodates up to 200 guests, with the capacity extending to 230 guests for functions
45 Till what time are kids allowed on party nights Children are welcome to stay until late on party nights, however, they must remain seated and be accompanied by parents or guardians throughout the event
46 Which gift cards do you accept We apologize, but we are currently unable to accept gift cards. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter
47 What days are shows in Rio Experience the vibrant shows at Rio exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays
48 What time the show starts The show commences between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm
49 How long does the show go for The show duration ranges from 30 to 40 minutes, and it includes audience participation
50 What is the regular DJ's Name The DJs change every week
51 What music does DJ play Mostly English & Latin music is played, but Bollywood and Punjabi songs are also played upon request
52 What show performed on Friday & Saturday The Brazilian and Latin Show is performed on Fridays and Saturdays
53 What time does DJ start The DJ starts immediately after the show ends
54 Does Rio have a stage for shows Yes, Rio has a stage for shows, located in the middle of the restaurant
55 Can we bring our own music for dance floor on weekends Yes, you can bring your own music for the dance floor on weekends
56 Can we bring in drinks for functions / large groups Sorry, bringing in drinks for functions or large groups is not allowed
57 How much is BYO charge Sorry, BYO is not allowed, therefore there is no BYO charge
58 Do you charge for BYO Cake Customers are welcome to bring their own cake. There are no charges for this service
59 Is the BYO Cakeage charged per cake or per person There is no cakeage charge
60 If we want the celebration cake to be cut after 10.30pm Not a problem, that's Fine
61 What is the Cash Bar & Bar Tab Cash Bar: Guests purchase drinks at their own expense by paying at the bar

Bar Tab: Drinks are served to the table by a waiter; service stops when the tab amount limit is reached
62 For a Bar Tab - what things are needed before starting Tab Before starting a Bar Tab, either a prepaid spend limit is required or a credit card and driving license is needed as security
63 What is the agreed age of drinking The agreed age for drinking is 18 years and above
64 If half table wants Soft drinks package and the other half wants alcohol package How will they be charged Sorry, we do not offer any alcohol packages
65 Do you sell bottles of spirits We do not offer bottle service. Only 30ml pegs are available
66 Can we buy bottle of Wine from the bar Yes, we sell wine bottles at the bar
67 What are wristbands used for. And how much are each Wristbands will be provided to those who open a Bar Tab. The bands are provided free of charge
68 What types of alcohol are served Rio serves a variety of alcoholic beverages including beers, spirits, RTDs (Ready-to-Drink), wine, sparkling, and cocktails
69 How many Alcohol packages are available Sorry we do not promote alcohol packages
70 What is the price of buffet with alcohol included The price per person includes only the food. Alcohol must be paid or billed separately
71 Can a customer come only for drinks after the show Yes, customers are welcome to join us exclusively for drinks
72 Are there any open air spaces The restaurant is located on Level 1 and is enclosed from all sides. There are no open air balconies in Rio
73 If a group of 20 customers books at 9pm on a saturday, what menus can be offered The buffet is available until 10:30 pm. After that, we can offer mixed platter
74 What is minimum number of customers required for a buffet on weekday There is no minimum number of customers required for a buffet on weekdays
75 Can a customer book a private function on a Friday or Saturday Yes, you can book private functions on all days
76 What if a table of 20 people is booked. and 2 people does not want to eat and pay Payment will be required for the full booking of 20 people, even if 2 individuals choose not to eat
77 Can we reach till 9pm No problem! The buffet is open until 10:30 pm
78 How many High Chairs / Baby seats do you have Certainly! We have a total of 6 high chairs ready for use
79 Can we bring in Pram / stroller Absolutely, you're welcome to bring your pram or stroller with you
80 If a booking is for a function of 60 people in mid week then how much is cost of Belly dancer and a DJ We can provide free midweek entertainment for a minimum of 100 guests
In this case, there will be no charges for the belly dancer and DJ; it is complimentary
However, for bookings under 100 guests, you will need to pay for the entertainment
81 What is the minimum number to book for a private function on a Saturday Lunch The minimum number to book for a private function on a Saturday lunch is over 40 people
82 Does Rio do Catering Yes, Rio offers outside catering services
83 What menu is available for catering The catering menu offers a variety of options including Indian cuisine, continental dishes, and grilled skewers
84 Who picks up or delivers the catering We can arrange for delivery of the catering
85 For how many people minimum, the entire venue can be booked on Thur, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Dinner The entire venue can be booked for a minimum of 70 to 100 people for dinner on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
86 What information do you need for a function booking quote The information required for a function booking quote includes the number of guests, date, time, booking name, phone number, email, and event or occasion name
87 If 3 people do not want to pay because they are coming after the Buffet No charge if they're coming after the buffet is removed. They can still join for drinks
88 If a table is booked for 20 people and only 15 turn up. How many people will be charged All 20 people will be charged unless a reduction in numbers is notified
89 Is there a strict dress code for weekend parties, What is not allowed Smart casual attire is acceptable. However, please note that slippers and thongs are not permitted
90 Can we wear shorts, singlet and sneakers No, shorts, singlets, and sneakers are not allowed
91 How much does entertainment costs for week days The entertainment is complimentary for bookings of 100 guests or more on weekdays. For bookings with less than 100 guests, customers will need to pay for the entertainment
92 On what days can a customer book for private or full venue Customers can book for private events on all days Mondays to Sunday
93 How much is tap drinking water Tap drinking water is provided free of charge. Sealed Bottled water is $3.50
94 Can we still come if running few minutes late on weekends No problem, You are still welcome to come. Please note that the buffet closes at 10:30
95 How much is a bunch of 5 balloons Regrettably, we do not offer balloons for sale
96 For vegetarians, what are the replacement foods in the buffet We have a rich selection of vegetarian dishes available in our buffet to ensure a delightful dining experience for our vegetarian guests
97 If a group of 15 people is vegetarian or vegan, can they order from Ala Carte menu If a group of 15 people adheres to a vegetarian or vegan diet, they are encouraged to explore the wide variety of vegetarian dishes featured on our buffet. Please note that we do not accommodate separate orders. Our buffet menu encompasses a diverse range of cuisines, including Indian and Continental options
98 Can big groups payment be made on the day of booking in the restaurant We kindly request a deposit to secure bookings for large groups. However, the remaining balance can be settled conveniently on the day of the event
99 Do you have private section for small groups of 50 people We don't have a designated private section. Our space is a large hall without partitioned areas for private groups.
However, for larger groups, we can arrange seating on the other end / side of the dance floor
100 Can we sit near the dance floor, Do you take Seating requests Seating requests can be noted; however, actual seating arrangements are based on availability
101 Can we order cake in the restaurant A cake can be pre-ordered with prior booking required. We arrange it from an external source
102 Can we bring our own decorations for the table Yes, you are welcome to bring your own decorations for the table
103 What decoration(s) are not allowed Confetti and party poppers are not allowed
104 For how many people booking can the discounts be given Discounts are exclusively offered for bookings accommodating more than 50 guests
105 Can we take left over food home Regrettably, taking leftover food home isn't feasible since we operate as a buffet-style restaurant
106 Is the restaurant authorized to sell alcohol Absolutely! Our restaurant is licensed to serve alcohol, ensuring a delightful dining experience with your favorite drinks
107 Are we allowed to take drinks to the dance floor For safety reasons, we ask that you do not take drinks, including glasses and bottles, onto the dance floor. Please leave your beverages on your table
108 I have severe allergies. Can you ensure my meal is safe to eat? While we take every precaution to accommodate dietary restrictions,
we cannot guarantee a completely allergy-free dining experience due to the potential presence of trace allergens in our working environment and supplied ingredients.
For severe allergies, we encourage you to speak to our manager upon arrival to discuss your specific needs and concerns.
109 Does Rio have free WiFi Yes, complimentary WiFi is available for all customers
110 Does Rio offer Hookah/Shisha Sorry, we do not offer Hookah/Shisha services
111 Does Rio provide catering services for weddings Yes, Rio provides catering services for weddings & functions
112 Does Rio provide audiovisual equipment for private events Yes, Rio provides audiovisual equipment for private events upon request
113 Does Rio offer special packages for private events Yes, Rio offers special packages for private events, including catering, entertainment, and decorations
114 What types of entertainment are available for private events Rio offers a variety of entertainment options for private events, including live music, DJs, dancers, and more
115 Can customers bring their own entertainment for private events Yes, customers can bring their own entertainment for private events
116 Does Rio have a dance floor for private events Yes, Rio has a dance floor available
117 Does Rio have any partnerships with hotels for accommodation There are a large number of Hotels and serviced apartments, it is walking distance from Rio
118 Whom can I address complain(s) or concern(s) Please inform the Manager Incharge of any concerns before leaving. They will promptly address them